Are you looking for a childcare provider in Boston? Don’t worry. Childcare Pros provides personalized and professional care for toddlers. With decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients looking for a childcare provider in Boston, we can assure you of the utmost care for your children. 

Childcare provider in Boston

Our Childcare Provider in Boston services include:

  • Ensuring the children have good hygiene and changing diapers as necessary.
  • Cleaning interactive areas throughout the day.
  • Preparing meals and snacks
  • Initiate potty training.
  • Help children to identify the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and objects.
  • Taking children to the playground, parks, and library.
  • Introduce arts and crafts in an early stage of development.

We provide services unparalleled to what any childcare providers in Boston MA can bring. It is as if you are doing it yourself with proper supervision and technical knowledge of what toddlers will require in this very crucial part of their lives. You don’t need to worry, and you can’t expect less from a childcare provider that is a part of our Childcare Pros team.

Super Fun Activities Your Children will Love!

The Benefits of Our Services

Ensuring the children have good hygiene and changing diapers as necessary: As parents, your primary concern is if the environment outside your home or your supervision provides the same level of cleanliness and neatness that you prefer to have. Don’t worry. Child Care Pros emphasizes keeping the playing area and all the other areas covered by our workspaces as neat and sanitized as possible. 

We also make sure that all our play areas meet or exceed safety standards, emphasizing child safety. Providing a safe and clean environment allows children to form the skills to make them more independent with fewer worries.

Cleaning interactive areas throughout the day:  The toddler stage in a child’s growth is the most active child. And during their sequence of play, they will surely leave their interactive and play areas untidy. We will make sure that these areas are kept clean. We believe that Child Care Pros is like their second home.  

Preparing meals and snacks:  Nutrition and food intake is crucial in this stage of development. An essential aspect of meals and snacks is giving the right amount at the proper time. We emphasize avoiding health problems such as obesity, scurvy, and other issues, and one of the ways to do this is to prepare a balanced diet. Our child care professionals know the level of nutrition and meal requirements for children of any age. Parents may guide our child care professionals if their Pediatricians recommend special diets in some cases.

Initiate potty training: Potty training is essential for toddlers at the early stage. 

Weaning them away from using diapers can help later on in their independence skills. Potty training is one of the most stressful activities for children because it is a new experience. 

Being in the care of our child care professionals in a significant part of the day can open a larger window of opportunity for children to undergo this training so that they can be weaned away from using diapers sooner.

Help children identify the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and objects: Among the benefits children receive in the care of Child Care Pros is the opportunity to prepare for their pre-school education. We don’t want children to be left behind once they start school. One of the significant activities that children in our care have is learning the most helpful information to read, count, and identify symbols. The children are better prepared for pre-school later on. The knowledge they acquire and the kinships they form to have the added benefit of contributing to their skills to be more independent. 

Taking children to the playground, parks, and library: We believe that the formation of independence skills among children is key to making them, well-rounded individuals. 

Staying at a single location for a long time will not help prevent children from having a withdrawn attitude. 

Being in different places, playing under the sky, being on playgrounds and parks, and visiting the library are opportunities to widen their world, keep their minds active, and learn. Play sequences and group games, especially when in playgrounds or other places unfamiliar with them, will help them develop a sense of kinship with other children. Not only are their skills to be independent being developed, but they also develop societal skills. 

Introduce arts and crafts in an early stage of development: Developing all the brain’s information centers is essential to prepare children for more challenging learning tasks later. Arts and crafts develop their abstract learning skills and develop their skills in expressing themselves in a fun way. We believe that the earlier the children are introduced to arts and crafts, the sooner they will be more prepared to learn more skills. Moreover, they can be more well-rounded individuals who are keen to develop their talents.

Benefits to Parents

Our services do not just benefit the children. 

Child Care Pros believe that we are doing as much service to the parents as the children. The value of the results achieved for forming happier, healthier, and more intelligent children extends to the parents. Our services allow the parents to have the time to attend to other essential matters. We also make it easier for parents to play their roles better with their children at home. Here are the three of the benefits that parents receive have:


Parents develop an affinity with each other because of their common interests. Friendships formed in the waiting room may begin with casual chats. But these develop into deeper bonds that can mutually benefit each parent, forming friendships among those availing Child Care Pros. It is not surprising that parents form social groups, and some have barbeque outings over the weekends.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that a dedicated professional child care expert is taking care of your children brings lasting value. Child Care Pros hold the safety of the children in our care. Still, we also make sure that children can acquire skills to be more intelligent, more socially aware, and more responsible people even if the parents are away. Our child care experts provide an added level of security by strictly following essential matters such as nutrition and medication schedules.

Social and Educational Dependability

Children have limited opportunities to prepare themselves for school when they are confined at home. The added value of introducing preparatory education for children is the lessened burden for the parents to teach these themselves. Basic learning information such as ABCs, 123’s, colors, shapes, though led by parents, are better followed up in a school-like setting. Being around other children helps toddlers develop their social skills early. They can form bonds of affinity, making it less difficult later on when they are introduced to newer friends when they go to school. 

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